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It is the mission of INNOVAR AG to provide innovative and quality products to the nutrient efficiency market; including an environmental, agronomic and economic focus. Our courteous, knowledgeable and professional team will help our global partners differentiate their nutrient product offers, educate the market and lead value-added sales strategies.

The Vision

We believe there is significant demand for improving the efficiencies of agricultural fertilizer products due to increased environmental pressures, increased food production demand, and continued desire to earn a maximum return on investment by the business owner. We believe INNOVAR AG can develop and commercialize value-added products which will address each of the demand areas. 

Our products can reduce losses to the environment; increase yields of crops, and provide an economic benefit to the distributor, grower and INNOVAR AG. We believe growers, dealers and distributors are looking for these opportunities to be provided by a company like INNOVAR AG.

The Promise

The InnoSolve and PENXCEL Technology platform is a launching pad for a full line of innovative new products for improving the efficiency of fertilizers and soil nutrients. we improve performance, blending and handling. Our fertilizer additive products, including N YIELD nitrogen stabilizer, N-BOUND™ nitrogen stabilizer and PHOS GAIN™ enhancer all utilize PENXCEL Technology.

Our high concentration products are the NEON™ family of products which combine two proven stabilizers in one simple, easy-to-use formulation. Newest InnoSolve Products provide Innovative Solutions to market needs and challenges!

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