New rules applying to England mean that farmers must use an urease inhibitor from 1 April to 15 January when using solid or liquid urea.

Innovar Ag has announced InnoSolve PKMe, a recently introduced cost-effective, broad-spectrum efficiency product for Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potash and Micronutrients, is set to expand global supply due to excellent results

Innovar Ag is pleased that VIVA Agro will maintain their significant role in delivering value added service to the South American Southern Cone markets with Innovar Ag. The long term

Innovar Ag is happy to announce Mrs. Carrie Garcia has joined Innovar Ag as Operations Manager. Carrie will work out of the Bradenton Head office effective November 2018. Carries

We are happy to announce Caio has joined our Innovar Team of professionals , to manage certain Latin markets, as well as drive Southern Hemisphere Business Development. Caio has

Innovar Ag is proud to announce Jim Barnett has joined, and will manage certain Latin America Agricultural Markets effective October 2019. Jim comes from an extensive background in Agriculture fertilizer technologies, and will be

Innovar Ag is pleased to have partnered with a World Class organization to produce the Granular InnoSolve 45N 45-0-0 Encapsulated Infused Fertilizer in 2 Southern USA Locations.

In early 2019, Innovar Ag entered into a Joint 50/50 Partnership, to enjoy Vertically Integrated Manufacturing for InnoSolve and PenXcel based Liquid Technologies. The USA Based

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